Murphy Ben International Tips on Success

Murphy Ben International has been around since the early 2000’s and has found a way to offer customers what they need. It is easy to copy another business model and give consumers the same product or service as competitors. But true competitive advantage is to give something different to customers which does not currently exist on the market.

As the Internet became more and more popular throughout the world, Murphy Ben International took notice of this and came to the understanding that they should offer various services to Africa online. This is why doing a SWOT analysis comes in handy every now and then. This allows companies to understand what their internal strengths and weaknesses are. Once that information is found, companies have to work on optimizing on their strengths and working to eliminate or lessen their weaknesses.

Opportunties are present in any industry and it is up to the company to figure them out. For example, in the case of Murphy Ben International, the emergence of social media is a great way for them to have a strong presence in for many reasons. On the other hand, their are also threats in every industry. This could be the economic state of their country or markets of which affect their bottom line. That being said, opportunities and threats are two different things that companies usually do not have a control over.

When Murphy Ben International noticed they have began to grow and go from only 3 employees to over 200 in just a short amount of time, they don’t loose their organizational culture. Usually when this happens, it is common that they need to find workers so fast that they end up hiring just about anyone who fills the requirements of the position. But the best thing to do is also go with the person whose beliefs are in line with that of your company.

It is important to take the time and make sure you hire the best employee for your organization since high turnover in a company means high costs. It costs a lot of money to hire someone by setting up their payroll, train them, and make sure they are all set up to work. And then finding out they are not fit for the position can be devastating especially for small companies.

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