About Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben International is a Nigerian multinational company headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, which is compromised of multiple areas of businesses from online malls to digital TV and from web based services to e-learning. It is also the parent company of Aforevo (Africa Online Revolution) that creates, showcases and aggregates African contents.

Murphy Ben International was founded by Murphy Anawana on May 11, 2009 and was incorporated in 2012. It with its sister companies currently employ over 400 staff and operates from many African countries. Having tried out many businesses from Real Estate to farming, in 2012, it finally decided to move wholly into online related businesses when it was obvious that Internet awareness in Africa is growing rapidly hence the creation of AFOREVO.

Murphy Ben International is currently the largest Youtube Partner in Africa, it owns www.dealmayor.com, www.kinkiimall.com and www.aforevomovies.com. It also has interests in www.iproff.com, an e-learning site and www.voliveafrica.com, a web development company with its parent company having presence in over 27 countries. Murphy Ben International has also delved into satellite television with the launch of Aforevo TV on the 5th of September, 2015. It also has a movie production outfit.

Known for its aggressiveness and speed, Murphy Ben International has been able to grow rapidly in just three years. All employees know that each product or service launched by the company must be the number one or, worse case scenario, number two in their field. Aforevo has the slogan “Be Ur Boss” to encourage employees with entrepreneurial drive. Its new initiative “I Am Wonderfully Made” to be launched is designed to help in the war against racism.


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